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JY dolls

JY Dolls are a leading supplier of TPE sex dolls based in China. JY dolls are made from top quality TPE material that is both durable and realistic to the touch. As well as being durable and realistic, TPE sex dolls are also flexible to manoeuvre into any sex posistion that you desire. All JY dolls feature vagina, anus and mouth openings that are all easy to clean and take care of. JY dolls are well built and sturdy due to the metal skeleton so you have peace of mind knowing the product is top quality and won’t break.


DOLLSCLUB club stock a wide range of JY dolls for all tastes. All the dolls can be customised from hair colour, skin colour, breast size etc so you can get the exact Sex doll of your dreams. If you need help with choosing your perfect sex doll read our Guide to Creating Your Custom Sex Doll.


Purchase your dream JY doll today from DOLLSCLUB with free, discreet shipping on all orders over 50 € / £