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WM-Dolls - Premium Love Dolls

The Chinese manufacturer WM Dolls is one of the biggest and best known producers of Real Dolls. The TPE sex dolls of WM Dolls are known for their huge selection of models, the realistic design and the soft skin.

Sex Doll by WM Dolls - Made in China

WM Dolls, based in China, is dedicated to the development and production of high-quality love dolls. The models are created there, at the same time the company is always researching new possibilities to reproduce the human skin as true to the original as possible. The TPE used for the WM Dolls sex dolls complies with health and safety standards.

Many models - own creations

If you browse through our WM Dolls sex doll assortment, you will surely notice the variety of models. The company is known for designing Real Dolls in every type and thus also for every personal preference. Frequently you will find curvy ladies, as well as lovers of slim to very slim women will find what they are looking for. In addition, you have the opportunity to design your Real Doll of WM Dolls according to your own ideas and wishes. Using a configurator you can create the basic model down to the smallest detail yourself - and in the end you have your dream woman in front of you.

Love of detail

With the sex dolls of WM Dolls the detail-rich execution is particularly noticeable. Whether face, fingernails, breast or genitals - every part of the body is lovingly redesigned and makes the WM Dolls love dolls look deceptively real. This impression is rounded off by the use of TPE as skin material. The material, which is much cheaper than silicone, is particularly soft to the touch, absorbs warmth and thus almost as soft as real women's skin.

If you have questions to our WM Dolls sex dolls or other love dolls and products from our assortment, we are pleased about your establishment of contact. We also recommend a visit to our showroom - there you can get to know your dream woman!